Having a new home is easy

8 March 2022 Article

Having a new home is easy!!

Buying a new house or condominium To live is a big deal for many people. especially first-time buyers Some people take quite a long time to decide. waiting to collect money for reservation Down payment until complete decided to buy it may take a long time But the house is considered the most worthwhile investment in every era.

It is also an asset that can be converted into money when necessary. Prices of houses and condominiums are subject to ups and downs and can be passed on as an inheritance to their children in the future. Who is worried today, we have some great tips for buying a house. Condominium made easy Let's leave each other .... certify that if these tips are used to relieve a lot of worries.

Ask your own need and budget

Ask your want to use a lot of space Support for multiple members Must choose a detached house or want a compact living space don't like to take care but has a large and complete common area must choose a condo which the design Functionality is also available in a variety of options. But most importantly, the price and payment amount should not exceed 35% of monthly income. during the first 3-5 years of repayment


Good location, Good future

Good location is easy to travel There are all types of public transport systems through Both the current project and the future project if it is a house. Should not be too far from the main road. Easy to travel in and out and should be within an acceptable commute radius to work Don't waste too much time traveling


Let's get for the right project

In the digital age, everything is simple at your fingertips. Type the word “house or condo”, the price of XX may also include the location. That's all, there are many pages of project lists for us to choose from, but tips for good stuff don't always have to be on the first page. Then go look at the reviews.


Let's look at the operator. be an expert Experience in developing residential projects The brand's reputation is in Thailand. or abroad Most importantly, having the readiness to finance the project can be successfully built

Bring yourself to see with your eyes

When a house is a large asset, we have to see it with our own eyes, feel it with our hearts, talk to the salesperson. to present project ideas, house layouts, rooms, facilities within the frame, prices with special promotions To be used as information for decision making.. such as Buy today, pay once, pay 0 baht installment, it will help us to worry about the burden of having to pay monthly down payment


Don't wait...if it's right!

After studying and comparing all the information and having confidence in buying a house and condo, the next step is contact salesperson Choose the room or plot that you like, pay the reservation, make an appointment to buy and sell contracts. down payment no down payment can choose the pro of the project Then follow the progress of construction through website or company page, project page until the project is completed. The project will make an appointment to transfer the ownership of the house. And condos... just like this, it's easy to own a new home