Electricity Saving Methods

9 October 2020 Article

Electricity fee is the expense that we need to pay every month. Are there have any methods can help on saving that? You can get the effective techniques by reading the below article!

- Air-conditioner

Choose the adaptable generation to match with the room size. Close the window and door tightly when use, and set it at the proper temperature.

- TV

Set the automatic power off time, adjust the brightness. Unplug when you needn’t use it.

- Refrigerator

Place it 15cm distance from the wall. Close the door tightly and shouldn’t keep too much thing in.

- Heater

Shouldn’t leave the swifter open, set the adaptable temperature.

- Computer

Is what we need to use daily, power off or swift the screen of when don’t use.

- Lightening pipe 

Choose energy saving pipe, swift it off when not at room.