Tips for Buying Condominum

9 October 2020 Article

Someone who want to buy Condominium, maybe don’t know what are factors that should be considered and put importance on. There has some professional suggestions as below.

- Orientation

Different orientation has different advantages, like no direct sunlight, good ventilation and so on.

- View

This is one of the reasons that people choose Condominium, no matter is city view, public park view, river view and so on.

- Car parking

For the car owner, they should realize the car parking amount and percentage first, and the car paring mechanic is conventional or automatic parking.

- Unit Type

Units type also is the important factor that we should put importance on. If your family has 3-4 person need to live together, then the Studio or one bedroom type will not be enough for you. Besides, Unit layout design also need to be considered, including the proportion and the size of kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom.

- Location

Study the location according to the demanding of yourself - near with the BTS or has several transportation choices, like car, BTS, boat.